Restorative Circles

A guide to describe what Restorative Circles are and how they work

Using circles to encourage questions and mistakes

Many students fear not having the right answer or being called out for getting an answer wrong.  Some are intimidated by asking what they fear might be a “dumb” question.  This circle is designed to eliminate such fear by inviting students to ask for what they need.

This circle activity helps students make requests regarding course content that they may not necessarily understand.

Circle Activity:

  1. Ask students to write down and share with one other student what it is they understood regarding the assignment, what they know “for sure.”
  2. Then have them to write down or discuss with their partner what it is they’d like to know better.
  3. Ask each group to present their “What I know for sure” and their “What I’d like to know better” to the rest of the class
  4.  End by asking students what requests might they have to better understand the assignment, concept, homework, etc. moving forward.

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