Restorative Circles

A guide to describe what Restorative Circles are and how they work

Using circles to make students aware of potentially offensive language

Purpose:  To make students aware of jackal and giraffe language and to teach them empathy

Circle Activity

1. Begin by showing the video below or using the following PDF that you can assign as homework:

2. To apply the concepts from the reading and/or video, show students the three-minute film clip from Fences:

3. Have students to model non-violent communication (NVC) by:  a)  Identifying what happened in the scene without using language filled with judgment  b) Identifying  feelings from both the son and father.  c)  Describing the unmet needs of both father and son  d)  Naming requests the son and father might have.

4. Take the concept one step further by asking students to provide examples of jackal language that they have heard in the past or present in academic settings, including your classroom.

5. Have students to take one of their answers from #4 and transform it into giraffe language.

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