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Campus Book Discussion (2018): Hillbilly Elegy

Where you live versus where home is

Vance continues his exploration of Appalachian culture by elaborating on the notion of “home.”   He talks about some “uncomfortable truths” that are a part of his family and hometown, including the absence of his father and the cycle of men that entered and exited his life because of his mother, with whom he has a strained relationship.  He goes on to talk about other male figures in his life, family members who taught him, in one form or another, what it meant to be a “man.”   He talks  about the poverty and the accompanying shame and physical and psychological issues that often goes with it, such as  drug-addiction and Mountain Dew mouth.   It is in this chapter that readers understand why this is an "elegy" of Hillbilly culture.  There is just as much to mourn as there is to celebrate.


This Youtube is a Powerpoint presentation that breaks down the definition of culture by examining major aspects of it: 1) Culture is learned 2) Culture is based on values, perceptions, and behaviors 3) Culture is shared 4) Culture is dynamic and heterogeneous

Food for Thought

Food for thought:  What are some "uncomfortable truths" regarding the places you refer to as "home"?

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