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How Can I Access FCC Online Tutoring?

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Meet with an FCC Online Academic Coach/Tutor

Current FCC students can schedule an appointment with a friendly FCC learning assistant/tutor or academic coach for free, personalized help with their courses. Sessions are conducted by appointment, over Zoom. Our team specializes in helping first year students succeed and thrive:

  • Improve essential reading/writing, math, science, business, and study skills
  • Make a study plan to tackle assignments and projects 
  • Build confidence
  • Practice beginning ASL or Spanish

Current students can schedule 1 online tutoring session per course, per calendar day No same day appointments.

Students enrolled in introductory general education courses have first priority. Appointment availability is limited. 

To make an appointment with an FCC Tutor:  

  • Click the "Online Tutoring" button in your course's Blackboard and choose the green FCC option on the left.


  • Click on the "Tutoring" Tab in your Blackboard,
  • Choose "Login to Online Tutoring"
  • Choose the green FCC option on the left

There you will be able to choose your subject, choose a tutor, and pick a day and time that works for you. 

Check out this video to see what scheduling an appointment looks like.

Steps to Access Online Tutoring

Login to Blackboard

  • Click “Login to Online Tutoring” under the Tutoring section 
  • Click “Start Now” on the left FCC side of the page
  • Click “Book Now” under Schedule or Cancel a FCC Tutoring Appointment
  • Select your course, tutor, day and time you would like and click “Book”
  • Enter your course and your phone number in the corresponding fields.
  • Click "Confirm"
  • You will receive an email confirming your appointment 

Login to Blackboard 

  • Click “Login to Online Tutoring” under the Tutoring section 
  • Click “Start Now” on the left FCC side of the page 
  • Click “Start Now” on the Start an Existing Online Tutoring Appointment
  • Choose the category you scheduled a session for and Click "Get Help Now"
  • Click "Begin Lesson" when the tutor has opened the room & enjoy your session.

Login to Blackboard 

  • Click “Login to Online Tutoring” under the Tutoring section 
  • Click “Start Now” on the left FCC side of the page 
  • Click “Join Now” on the Join ASL or Spanish Group Tutoring Session (4th option down NOT the second option which is only for individual sessions not ASL)
  • When the tutor has opened the room, you will see the option to join appear
  • Click "Join" and enjoy your session

Login to Blackboard 

  • Click “Login to Online Tutoring” under the Tutoring section 
  • Click “Start Now” on the left FCC side of the page 
  • Click "Get Started" on the In-House Writing Center
  • Fill in the information and upload your paper and assignment sheet and press "Submit." Note: Only Microsoft Office documents and PDFs can be uploaded. Links to Google documents will not work.
  • The paper will be returned via email or can be picked up at the same spot within 48 hours, excluding Sundays and holidays. If you can not see comments on your returned paper, go to the "Review" tab in Microsoft Word and click "Show Comments". 

If you have set a session with an FCC Learning Assistant and require a sign language interpreter,


Sign language interpreters will not be automatically provided without a request for services.


As ThinkingStorm is a third-party service provider, FCC doesn't have access to their software or sessions. Students requiring an interpreter will need to contact ThinkingStorm (877-899-5996 or to request an interpreter or they can use the chat feature provided for these sessions. 

If you have any difficulties getting into your session, please do not contact the Learning Assistant directly. For solutions to common problems, check out our Troubleshooting FAQ. You can also contact ThinkingStorm Customer Support Monday-Friday from 10 AM-6 PM EST at (877)-889-5996 or 24/7 via chat.


In this new system, it is your responsibility to provide your instructor with your email confirmations of your sessions if you need to for points or as a requirement. This will be sent to your official FCC email address.

Before your tutoring session:

  • Look over your assignment and make an attempt at starting it on your own. 
  • Gather any class notes, books, assignment sheets, and syllabi that are relevant to your assignment and bring them to the session. 
  • If this is an online FCC tutoring session, make sure you check the appointment date and time and set a reminder for yourself (you can find some great tools for this here). Watch this video if you are unfamiliar with how Zoom works.

During your tutoring session:

  • Keep your phone on silent and minimize distractions.
  • Stay engaged by listening carefully, taking notes, and asking questions.

After your tutoring session:

  • Follow through with any "next steps" your tutor suggested, such as revisions to your paper or practice of the concepts discussed.
  • Come back for another tutoring session if you have more questions or need additional help.

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