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Study Skills for Academic Success

10 Steps to Academic Success

  1. Develop strong listening & note taking skills
  2. Improve your writing and speaking skills and your research skills
  3. Stay ahead on class reading
  4. Don’t Procrastinate 
  5. Set aside fixed study time and space
  6. Study in short sessions to increase health and retention
  7. Establish a study group especially for Math and Science courses
  8. Use your personal Learning Style
  9. Use memory devices to recall information
  10. Use test taking skills and strategies

CORE Learning System

How can Learning about Studying Help?

  • Take out a pen and write your full name twice. Once with your regular writing hand and once with your other hand.
  • Were you able to accomplish it? Of course!
  • Were you faster and better with one hand over the other? OF COURSE!

Studying is a lot like that. Once you learn YOUR personal best techniques, you can make study time quicker and more productive allowing you to reach those grade goals and beyond.

What is your Personal Learning Style?

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