Placement Test Study Guide

Prep for the Test to do your Best!

HAVE A PLAN! Prep for the Test to Do Your BEST!


Step 1 - Identify the items covered on the ACCUPLACER tests

Step 2 - Work through practice problems using the Practice Tests

Step 3 - Target the skills you need to sharpen

Step 4 - Explore the content in this Testing Guide's ACCUPLACER Reading, Writing, and Math tabs

Step 5 - Simulate your testing experience using a Practice Test or Learn As You Go test from the Official Collegeboard ACCUPLACER Study App

Why is preparing for a placement test so important?

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Study Plans are for students who need to take placement testing as part of the College's admissions process. It can cost students time and money if they take the test unprepared.  Sometimes students just need a refresher on what is covered on the test, so the Testing Center did the hard work by putting together the Study Plan to help students make the best use of their study time and build good study habits beyond placement testing. 

This is not a test that students pass or fail, but preparing for the test will ensure students are placed in the right courses.

More ACCUPLACER Resources

After you reviewed this Testing Guide and followed the Study Plan, check out these valuable resources from The College Board.

  • FREE web-based ACCUPLACER® study app allows you to simulate your testing experience by taking practice tests with questions set up like the ones you will see on test day. If you feel like you may need more practice into learning what the test is asking you to do, try out the "Learn as You Go" feature for maximum assistance. It is set up like a practice test except after you answer the question, it will tell you immediately what the correct answer is, and provide rationale to improve your understanding.
  • The Student Portal allows you access to more practice resources, help locating a testing center, and retrieve your ACCUPLACER Score Report.

All students will receive a copy of their ACCUPLACER Score Report by email and a post-testing receipt with Next Steps provided by the Testing Center.

Preparing for your test with a Study Plan!

The video below helps to explain the importance of preparing for placement tests.
The study habits you gain from this guide crosses various disciplines and assessment types. Keep this resource bookmarked through your entire academic career!

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