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Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks on Reserve in the Gladhill Learning Commons

How it Works

The following textbooks are on reserve at the Front Desk in the Gladhill Learning Commons. You can use these books in the Learning Commons, 2nd floor of Linganore Hall; or request  a scan of up to two chapter be sent to your FCC email. To search for a book, use Ctrl+F to search on this page.

Due to the limit in the number of chapters we can legally scan and send, requesting book chapters is not a recommended replacement for purchasing a required textbook.

If you would like to request a scan of up to two chapters, please fill out the Request a Book Chapter form below and allow at least 24 hours, Monday - Friday, for your request to be filled:

Nursing Textbooks

Nursing Textbooks

All-in -one Nursing Care Planning Resource (Swearingen & Wright)  5th edition

Focus on Adult Health Medical-Surgical Nursing (Honan, Linda)  2nd edition

Karch’s Focus on Nursing Pharmacology (Tucker, Rebecca)  9th edition

Fundamentals of Nursing (Taylor, Lynn & Bartlett)  10th edition

Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (Ricci, Kyle & Carman)  4th edition

Psychiatric -Mental Health Nursing (Videbeck, Sheila)  9th edition

Sociology/Psychology Textbooks

Sociology/Psychology Textbooks

Essentials of Sociology (Giddens et al.)  8th edition                                                                                   

Criminology (Schmalleger, Frank)  5th edition                                   

Social Psychology:  The Science of Everyday Life (Greenberg et al)  3rd edition                                          

Terrible Magnificent Sociology (Wade, Lisa)        

Social Problems (Best, Joel)   3rd edition                                                                                                      

Social Problems:  An Advocate Group Approach (Horsfall, Sara Towe)       

Social Problems:  A Down To Earth Approach (Henslin, James)  11th and 12th edition                             

Invitation to the Life Span (Berger, Kathleen Stassen)  5th edition                                                                        

Social Problems and the Quality of Life (Lauer, Robert)  14th edition                                                                   

Psychology in Your Life (Grison, Gazzaniga)  4th edition                                             

Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (Comer, Ronald)  9th edition             

Adolescence (Santrock, John W.)   17th edition

Adult Development and Aging (Cavanaugh, John)  8th edition

Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions (Wade, Lisa) 2nd edition

Racial and Ethnic Groups (Schaefer, Richard) 14th edition

The Social Work Experience (Suppes, Mary Ann) 6th edition

Writing With Style : APA Style for Social Work 

BSCI Textbooks

BSCI Textbooks

Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function (Saladin)

Anatomy& Physiology Lab Manual (Saladin)

Anatomy & Physiology Lab Manual Key

Human Biology Lab Manual

Human Biology (Mader & Windelspecht)              17th edition

Physical Therapy Assistant Program

PTA program Textbooks

Why Do I Hurt? A patient book about the neuroscience of pain (Louw, Adriaan)

Muscles: testing and function with posture and pain (Peterson Kendall et al)

Evidence -based rehabilitation: a guide to practice (Law, Mary ed)

The Rehabilitation Specialist’s Handbook (Roy, Serge/ Wolf, Steven / Scalzitti, David)

Pain Neuroscience Education: Teaching people about pain (Louw, Adriaan et al)

Pharmacology for the Physical Therapist (Jobst, Erin/ Panus, Peter/ Kruidering-Hall, Marieke)

Essentials of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (Hillegass, Ellen)

Hemiparesis : Living after Stroke or TBI (Edward, Leon)

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy (Lippert, Lynn)

The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant (Clynch, Holly)

Umphred’s Neurorehabilitation for the Physical Therapist Assistant (Lazaro, Rolando & Umphred , Darcy)

Therapeutic Exercise (Kistner, Borstad & Colby)

Physical Agents in Rehabilitation: An evidence-based approach to practice (Cameron, Michelle)

Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant (Goodman & Fuller)

Learning to Lead in Physical Therapy (Green-Wilson, Jennifer ed)

Concepts of Evidence Based Practice for the Physical Therapist Assistant (Gresham, Barbara B)

Documentation for Physical Therapist Assistants (Bircher, Wendy)

Orthopedic Interventions (Raffensperger, Maureen)

Wound Diagnosis and Treatment (Hamm, rose)

Ethics in Physical Therapy (Kirsch, Nancy)

Physical Rehabilitation (O’Sullivan, Schmitz & Fulk)

Mobility in Context (Johansson et al)

Trail Guide to the Body w/Flash cards (Biel, Andrew)

English Textbooks

English Texts on reserve

Literature A World of Writing (Pike & Acosta)

They Say, I Say (Graff & Birkenstein)

Approaching Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing. (Schakel & Ridl)

Everything’s An Argument (with readings) (Lunsford, Ruskiewicz & Walters)

APA Publication Manual 

History Textbooks

History textbooks

Patterns of World History Vol I (von Sivers et al)                4th edition

Patterns of World History Vol II (von Sivers et al)               4th edition

Allied Health Textbooks

Allied Health Textbooks

A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry (Krieger, Paul)

Education Textbooks

Education Textbooks

Literacy for the 21st Century: A Balanced Approach (Tompkins, Gail)  7th edition

Essentials of Educational Psychology (Ormrod & Jones)  5th edition

A Topical Approach to Life Span Development  (Santrock, John)  9th edition

Conscious Discipline (Bailey, Becky)

Exceptional Students ( Taylor, Smiley & Richards)  3rd edition

Teachers, Schools and Society (Sadker & Zittleman)  10th edition

The Creative Curriculum for Pre- School (Jablon & Stetson)  2007

Human Growth and Development (Frederick Community College )   EDPS 210

Communication Arts

Communication Arts

In Mixed Company (Rothwell) 9th and 10th edition

Looking Out Looking In (Adler et al) 11th edition



Art Fundamentals (Ocvirk et al) 12th edition



Introducing Comparative Politics : The Essentials  (Orvis & Drogus ) 



The Enjoyment of Music (Forney & Dellantonio) 4th edition

Counseling Studies

Counseling Studies

Group Exercises for Addiction Counseling (Miller, Geri) 

Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy 



Chemistry A Molecular Approach (Tro) 5th edition

Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments (Williamson et al)  7th edition

Organic Chemistry I for Dummies 

Organic Chemistry II for Dummies

Preparing for Your ACS Examination in General Chemistry  2nd edition

Organic Chemistry (Wade) 9th edition



One World Many Faiths: An Interactive Guide to World Religions

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