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Sociology and Social Work

Best Resources for Background Information about Social Work

Academic Peer-Reviewed Journals in Social Work

  • Most disciplines have Journals dedicated to the study and practice of that discipline, and Social Work is no exception. Professional Social Workers routinely read, and often publish, articles in these types of journals to stay up-to-date on the latest findings and ideas in the field. 
  • Search Tip: Once you click on a journal title below, click on the "Search within this publication" link on the Journal homepage. This will add a command to the search box to do a search just in that journal. ONE MORE THING: make sure to add parentheses around the command and the Journal Name before doing your search. So a good search would look like this:  (JN "Social Work") addiction

 Social Work Journals available in Academic Search Premier:

Social Work Journals available in JSTOR:

Search Tip: Once you click on the journal title below, use the small search box found at the top right of the Journal's home page, to search only in this Journal.

Best Databases for Scholarly Journal Articles about Social Work

Finding Social Work Journal Articles in Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another great resource to find scholarly journal articles. Follow these steps to limit your search to Social Work Journals ONLY:

1. Go to Google Scholar at

2. On the Google Scholar Search page click on the little down arrow at the far right of the search box to open the Advanced Search page:

3. On the advanced search page, in the "Returned Articles Published in" field, add the term: social work

4. Then type your search terms in the "with all of the words" field at the very top of the box and hit the search button.

WARNING: Many of the articles found in a Google Scholar do not include full-text articles without payment. Look for a short link to the right of the main result link. If there is a short link the article may be available for free. NEVER PAY for an article.

Social Work Websites

Google Tips to Find Better Resources

  • Type your search into Google and add the site: command to limit the search to certain domains
  • Tip for finding social organizations working to solve a problem:
    • Type the name of the problem 
    • Add to the search box
    • Click Search
  • Tip for finding government policies:
    • Type your search keywords
    • Add the word policy
    • Add
    • Click Search

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