Honors Faculty Resource Guide: The Honors Experience

What Does Honors Mean?

Honors is about striving for excellence. We are not satisfied with “meets standards” or just passively sitting through classes. We demand more from our college experience, and expect to use what we learn in our local and global communities.

To this end, the Honors College at FCC provides a variety of learning opportunities. Students can engage in:

  • service projects,
  • leadership training,
  • field trips,
  • active learning techniques and class discussion,
  • ​speakers and other co-curricular events that extend learning outside the classroom,
  • teaching others by serving as a lab assistant or making a presentation.

Our classes also introduce students to the realm of scholarly research, which anchors the honors experience. By learning to interpret and generate knowledge, honor students gain a deeper understanding of issues and develop the skills needed to contribute to today’s world. Hallmarks of honor research projects include:

  • a literature survey that places the student’s work in context,
  • original student creative work or research primary and secondary sources preferred),
  • critical analysis that is logical and considers multiple perspective and evidence ,
  • an articulate thesis and conclusion, and
  • effective communication (written and oral) of the findings.

Successfully implemented (see Honors Rubric), these hallmarks distinguish a student’s work from general education standards. Superior performance (level 6) will be worthy of presenting at a student honors conference.

Benefit of Teaching Honors

  1. Opportunity to spend quality time with students who are highly motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to engage in scholarly conversation
  2.  Intellectually stimulating experience that allows the teacher to pursue new pedagogical approaches and learning environments
  3. Enjoy doing something different! Honors projects are interdisciplinary and will help hone teaching skills and broaden your perspective
  4. Innovative teaching opportunities through experiential learning: field trips, community partnerships, service learning, field work
  5. Partner with another instructor and co-teach a linked course, which heightens interdisciplinary conversation among students and faculty

Honors International Travel / Study / Serve

Various opportunities are available each year to students that offer opportunities for Honors Contracts in conjunction with the ID 250: Global Scholar Course travel opportunities and other course related travel.

FCC Honors Experience

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