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ESOL- English for Speakers of Other Languages Resources: Apps

Resources to help ESL learners.

Free (iOS/Android devises)


Many activities that match all learning styles 



Grammar/vocabulary building tasks and more



Personalized step-by-step lessons with many features



Real life settings and learners' ranking 


Rosetta Stone

Core lessons, vocabulary, pronunciation practice



Brain training games for all language skills


English Central

Free videos with activities for listening and speaking (limited)


English Listening

Variety of free listening activities for each level


English Radio

Famous radio programs in one app


Learn English BBC Learning English by Conversation

Assorted BBC videos for listening and vocabulary building


Real English conversation listening and "shadowing" (limited)


VOA Learning English

Videos and audios of Voice of America on numerous topics


Reading Comprehension Prep

Reading passages with quizzes at 3rd-5th Grade levels



Articles in several themes at your level of reading


Impossible Speed Reading Game

Speed reading practice from beginner to expert level (iPhone/iPad)

Speed Reading

Plenty of speed reading exercises (Android)

English Reading & English Listening

Easy-to-read passages with vocabulary explanations (Android)


Collection of contemporary poems


What am I? Riddles

Fun word-guessing games


English Conversation Practice

Daily dialogues with quizzes and recording


English Speaking Practice

Basic dialogues of daily and business settings


Speaking Pal

Video dialogues with speaking activities (limited)


American English Communication

Daily communication and common words/phrases (Android)


Speak the sentence in conversation (iPhone/iPad)

Fluent Worlds

Conversation practice in virtual world


Essay Writing & Essay Topics

Introduction to types of essays and writing practice (iPhone/iPad)


Grammar and academic writing guide by the University of Glasgow


English Writing Skills

Academic writing tips for advanced writers


English Letter Writing

Instruction on letter writing with samples



Chat practice and vocabulary/grammar lessons with AI robot

Thesaurus for your writing


English Grammar Book

Grammar Lessons with simple quizzes


Learn English Grammar

Practice and tests at each level


Sentence Wheel

Match words for a correct sentence


English Pronunciation Tutor

Concrete lessons on pronunciation features (limited)


Sounds Right

Phonemic chart with example words


ELSA Speak

Pronunciation lessons with speech recognition (limited)


Accent Training

Shadowing practice with native American speeches (iPhone/iPad)

English Pronunciation

Vowel/consonants practice with voice recognition (Android)

Speaking Fit

Exercises and tests from syllable to sentence sounds



TOEFL Prep & Practice

Lessons, strategies, exercises, and more from Magoosh


TOEFL Speaking and English Learning

Speaking questions resembling those of TOEFL


TOEFL iBT Preparation

Reading articles, listening audios, and vocabulary list for TOEFL (limited, iPhone/iPad)


IELTS Practice Test

Authentic practice as well as vocabulary for all sections (iPhone/iPad)

Road to IELTS

Official test practice, advice, and tutorial by British Council (limited)


IELTS Speaking Practice

Speech samples by learners and practice questions (limited, iPhone/iPad)


Essential vocabulary learning games


Word Power

Vocabulary with example sentences and pictures (limited)


Vocabulary Builder

Word lessons at each level


Word of The Day

Take a break from basic vocabulary study


Phrasal Verbs Machine

Fun game to learn new phrasal verbs by Cambridge University Press



Idioms in several themes (limited, no trial for Android)

Easy definition, thesaurus, and example uses


The Free Dictionary

American/British pronunciations, Idioms, thesaurus, and more


Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Hyponyms, hypernyms, and holonyms


Power Thesaurus

Only thesaurus for synonyms and antonyms



Accurate translations in various languages


Virtual Speech

Public speaking practice in Virtual Reality (limited)



Listening/vocabulary practice in real life situations (Android, VR optional)

Note: all these apps require VR headset and compatible smartphone!


Writing alphabet letters and identifying sounds with pictures (iPhone/iPad)

Cursive Writing

Handwriting practice of letters


Cursive Words

Handwriting practice of words


ABC Phonetic Word Family

Many exercises for word sound recognition


Fee (iOS/Android devises)


Helpful and engaging materials for all level learners

ABA English

Practice for all purposes of learning, designed for intermediate learners


USA Learns English 1-4

Basic vocabulary lessons for beginners in American English


English Central

Free videos with activities for listening and speaking (upgrade)


Listening Drill

Listening to your favorite audio scripts with line-by-line subtitles


3rd-6th Grade Reading

Reading passages with comprehension tests (iPhone/iPad)

ESL Skills: Reading

Reading practice with questions for intermediate learners (iPhone/iPad)


Speed reading practice with any text (iPhone/iPad)

Reading Trainer

Personalized reading exercises


Speaking Pal

Video dialogues with speaking activities


Like So

Speech practice on formal topics (iPhone/iPad)

Speak English Like an American

Dialogues with collocations and idioms


Mastering Academic Writing

Useful phrases for academic writing (iPhone/iPad)


Cambridge English Grammar in Use

Explanations and exercises by Cambridge University Press


Grammar Expert

Series of simple grammar quizzes (bundle offered for iOS)


Grammar Up

Lessons, mock tests, result analysis


Grow Grammar

Parsing activities (iPhone/iPad)

Speech FlipBook

Reference and practice for syllables (iPhone/iPad)

Voice of English Learning

Overall practice with animated articulator, sound waves, and example words (iPhone/iPad)

Say It from Oxford

Recording pronunciation with sound waves (iPhone/iPad)

Accent Perfect

Exercises for foreign accent reduction


Phonetics Focus

Diversified practice of pronunciation (iPhone/iPad)

Sound of Speech

Videos of articulation by the University of Iowa


Word Power

Vocabulary with example sentences and pictures (upgrade)

Fun activities for vocabulary learning


Vocabulary in Use Elementary

Exercises for beginners by Cambridge University Press (iPhone/iPad)

Vocabulary in Use Intermediate

Exercises for intermediate learners by Cambridge University Press (iPhone/iPad)

Vocabulary in Use Upper Intermediate

Exercises for upper intermediate learners by Cambridge University Press (iPhone/iPad)

Vocabulary in Use Advanced

Exercises for advanced learners by Cambridge University Press (iPhone/iPad) Pro/Premium with upgrades and no ads


Dictionary and Thesaurus Pro

Offline features, no ads, and more


Merriam-Webster Dictionary Pro/Premium

Widely recognized dictionary with word games


Advanced English Dictionary+

Simple format with American, British, Australian pronunciations (iPhone/iPad)

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Word meanings in contexts for advanced reference


Mondly: Learn Languages in VR

Listening/speaking activities in several contexts (Android)

Note: all these apps require VR headset and compatible smartphone!

Sound Literacy

Reading/spelling practice with alphabets (iPhone/iPad)

Intro to Letters

Alphabet tracing exercises


Intro to Cursive

Cursive writing exercises (iPhone/iPad)

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Some apps may not work on your devise.  But you can use them on iPad in Lab (A101) as well as paid apps for free!

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