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How to Identify Research Studies

Academic journals usually have two types of articles:

  • Reviews look at other peoples' research and summarize research in a specific area of study.
  • Research studies report the actual research being conducted by the authors of the article.


Research Studies will often have these distinct sections:

  • Abstract: Brief summary of the article and its contents.
  • Introduction: Provides background and possibly discusses earlier research.
  • Methods: Lays out the methods used to conduct the research.
  • Results: Reports the results of the research. Often includes charts and/or tables.
  • Discussion and/or Conclusion: Discusses the results for the research and talks about other steps that can be taken.
  • Literature Cited or Bibliography: Lists sources cited in the article.


Check to see if the article has a METHODS section and a RESULTS section. If it DOES NOT have these two sections IT IS NOT A RESEARCH STUDY.

How to Find Full-Text Continuing Education Articles with Post-Tests in Lippincott's Nursing Center

  1. Go to the Lippincott's
  2. If you have never registered on this site, click on Register in the upper right corner of the page (it's FREE), and complete the registration form. This will only take a few minutes.
  3. Once you have finished registering, hover your mouse over the CEConnection in the navigation bar at the top of the page to open the pop-up menu. On the pop-up menu choose Browse CE.
  4. On the Browse CE page, you can browse articles by a variety of catagories. For this class we recommend using:
    • Specialties: click on a specialty to browse articles in that speciality from a variety of journals.
    • Clinical Categories: click on a topic area to browse articles in a topic from a variety of journals.
    • Journal: click on a journal title to view articles in that journal.
  5. Click on an article title to go to the article record. From the article record page:
    •  To read the article, click on the View PDF or View HTML link under the Activity Steps section.
    • If you need to take a post-test, after reading the article, go back to the article record page and click on the Take Test button found under the Activity Steps section.
  6. Complete the test and click on the Submit Test button. You may need to answer a short survey, but will then receive the citation for the article and your score.


Disregard all cost information. Viewing articles and taking the post test are free as long as you are only giving the results to your instructor.

How to Find Reproductive Health Nursing Articles for NURS 210

1. Go to Academic Search Premier, a database which covers many subjects including nursing.

2. In order to limit your search to the two relevant Nursing Journals in this database, you will need to add the title in quotations to your other search terms:

  • "Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care"
  • "Nurse Researcher"

DO NOT SEARCH FOR MORE THAN ONE JOURNAL TITLE AT A TIME. You will need to do a separate search for each journal title.

3. If you don't find what you need in one journal, search the other journal listed using the same instructions.

How to Link to Clips in Films on Demand

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