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Study Skills- Steps to Getting Good Grades in College: Courses

FCC College and Career Success Courses

ACE 100: Learning Strategies (2)

Prerequisites: EN 50A or EN 60 and 52 or ESL 95 and 99

Develops students’ learning strategies and explores habits of successful college students. Students will enhance their academic skills and performance by developing strategies for studying and learning, such as ways to set goals, manage time, take notes, prepare for and take tests, read critically, and use college resources. Instruction is closely linked to the demands of content area courses in which students are enrolled..

ACE 101: Academic Engagement Seminar (3)

Prerequisites: EN50A or EN61 and EN52 OR ESL99 and ESL99
Co-requisite: EN50A or EN61 and EN52 OR ESL95 and ESL99

Introduces first-year students to current, real-world issues as they advance their critical thinking, communication, and research skills. Students will explore questions of local, national, and global significance through multicultural contexts, while building relationships with their classmates, instructor, and other college personnel. Additionally, students will use campus resources and co-curricular events to enhance their educational experience and foster their college success.

 ACE 102: College Success Tools (1)

Prerequisites: EN 50 and 51 or ESL 94 and 97

Introduces students to tools, strategies, and resources designed to help them build stronger academic foundations and make informed choices that will lead to college success. Students will plan their academic path, improve study habits, and connect to campus and online resources to enhance their educational experience and achieve their goals.

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